It is not everyday that one gets to spend time within the confines of a well fortified man made Fort located a stones throw away from the mainland. Better still, a discerning experience awaits those willing to take the plunge as the island consists of only 04 airconditioned rooms fully renovated with all up- to- the minute touches to delight the modern traveler. To add to the mysticism of the location there’s a courtyard with a bo tree wavering in the foreground. May be it provided solace to the inmates of this former correctional facility. The view from the rooms are serene and spans well laid out gardens and terraces, while the views from the terrace across the surrounding flapping of waves are also exceptional.


The service is near precision like and guests stepping to this island paradise from its very own jetty is welcomed by guards attired in aquamarine uniforms adorned with golden tassels and brass buttons displaying ample testimony to the island tradition and regal hospitality rarely seen in Sri Lanka. Fort Hammenheil is a picturesque place to visit to both lovers of history as well as those who love some peace and quietness all within one of most unlikely destinations in Sri Lanka.