• Location

    The recently constructed restaurant and bar is located mainland which can cocoon the individual connoisseur with a delightful list of alcoholic/ non alcoholic beverages and snacks. The spacious restaurant serves mouthwatering cuisine and designed to be airy with modern touches. It also has the capacity to host functions and barbecues overlooking the picturesque Hammenhail Fort.


    As you wind down under a shady umbrella enthralled by the sea breeze you’ll wonder why this edifice of a property is so unique in its endeavor to carve out a niche for you. The balmy view of the shimmering ocean in the foreground is a treat to one’s soul and particularly a sight to behold when night falls. Fort Hammenheil is lit with grandeur and glows like a golden teardrop among the placid waters. It certainly is a sight to behold.

  • Transportations
    Karainagar to Jaffna 20.7 km
    Karainagar to Nagadeepa 51.6  Km
    Jaffna to Nagadeepa 35.3 km
    Dabakola patuna to Jaffna 20 km
    Jaffna to Delft Island 30 km


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