The mystery of Hammenheil Fort is not limited to the location alone. In fact, there  is no real mystery behind Hammenheil Fort. Its purpose is well documented and it is said that it hardly did justice to the intended purpose.


The confines of the Fort was not home to any fictional high profile inmates like Count of Monte Cristo. Popular folklore propagates that an infamous marauding left wing prisoner was imprisoned here but in reality it is limited to a myth only. As one enters through a low vaulted gate-way not more than seven feet in height which is the only entrance to this water fort there is ample evidence to prove that a functional jail or a correctional facility was in place. It is said that the Fort was home to a garrison of soldiers and its military pedigree is evident in the rugged architecture that abounds the facility.


Today, guest can experience real time living and sleeping within an actual cell. They are fully renovated, and its unique characteristics are preserved for the guests to experience this one of a kind experience. The period architecture, flakey walls, all add up to the feeling of living within a time capsule and a far cry from the near certain monotony of concrete structures. A feeling of exclusivity is rampart when one explores the demarcation of Fort Hammenheil and reveal in its history and purpose.